Children @ Southside


Bible Time Starting at 9:30, children of various ages are warmly invited to participate in a unique Bible study led by Mr. Sam, Mrs. Marla, and their dedicated team of volunteers. This study is thoughtfully tailored to engage them at their respective levels of understanding and maturity.
Kings' Kids adds an element of excitement to our service! Every Sunday, children from babies to those in grade 5 gather with Pastor Brad at the front during the worship hour for a brief devotion.
We hold a deep appreciation for children of e2very age and are committed to ensuring their comfort and inclusion. That's why we are thrilled to introduce our "Wiggle Room" within the sanctuary. This nearly soundproof viewing space is designed with parents and guardians in mind, enabling them to maintain a connection with the service while attending to the needs of their infants or toddlers during the worship hour. Your family's presence and participation are highly valued, and we strive to make your worship experience as accommodating as possible.

We offer a classic Nursery program, overseen by Mrs. Marla, catering to infants through four years old. It's important to note that children of all ages are encouraged to stay in the main worship service if that suits their parents or guardians' preference. For added convenience, we have "busy bags" readily available near the main entrance of the sanctuary, ensuring that children of various ages remain engaged and comfortable during the service. Your family's needs and choices are respected and accommodated in our congregation. 


Children's Ministry: We are thrilled to introduce Sam Byram as our dedicated Children's Minister. With several years of experience in nurturing young hearts and minds, Sam excels in this vital role. Children aged 5 and older are warmly welcomed to embark on an exciting journey of exploring God's Word and its relevance to their daily lives. Our engaging sessions feature group games, creative crafts, and delicious snacks that make learning a joy. The class runs from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, providing a perfect window for kids to grow in faith and fellowship. Additionally, for parents attending the Adult Bible Study, we've got you covered with a nursery service thoughtfully offered for your little ones. Your family's spiritual growth and well-being are at the heart of our mission.